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Want to start mining Helium tokens but don't want to spend the money for a miner? Apply to become a host today and get a free Helium Hotspot loaned to you so you can start mining $HNT now!

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How it Works

Follow these steps to become a host today!

1) Apply Today

Fill out the Helium IoT Host matching application below for each unique physical address you are interested in hosting a Helium Hotspot at!

2) Respond to Host Offers

We make your information available to deployment companies. If they like your location, they will reach out with an offer. By making your information available to multiple companies, you ensure you get the best rewards!

3) Receive Your Free Helium Hotspot

Once you’ve come to an agreement with your chosen Helium IoT deployment company, they will generally send you the miner in the mail or arrange for installation.

4) Set It Up

Once you’ve received your miner, set it up where you and your deployment company have agreed upon. Alternatively, some deployment companies will send an installer to do this for you.

5) Get Paid

That’s it! Sit back and enjoy your new passive income stream!

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Find Helium IoT hosts in your area

Access Host Applications

Do you have extra Helium IoT miners you’re trying to deploy? Or do you run a deployment/fleet management company?

You can now find hosts in your area via the HotspotRF Host Matching portal. We allow you to view hosts by area and filter hosts by project, location, terrain, elevation, building type, and much more! Simply find a host that meets your criteria and get in contact with them!

Please send us an email at [email protected] if you have any questions or feature suggestions!

Host multiple miners

Earn Passive Income!

Our host matching program is unique in that we allow you to apply as a host for multiple different Token Incentivized Physical Infrastructure Projects (TIPIN) with one easy application. Easily add $100’s of passive income/month by becoming a host for multiple different projects!

Currently, we support the following projects:

-Helium Mobile
-Helium IoT
-Pollen Mobile
What are you waiting for? Apply today and start earning passive income!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We collect your information via the application above and make it available in our portal for deployment companies to unlock. These companies have excess miners and generally loan it to you for free in exchange for a percentage of the rewards.

Yes! The Helium IoT network is available globally!

Your information will be shared in our map based web application. Your address will never be shared, but the general location will be. Your name, email, and phone number will be made available to deployment companies.

Yes, you can edit and delete your applications by clicking here. If you have any issues please reach out to  support from the email you created the host application with and we will be happy to assist you.

You can view and filter these applications in our Host Matching Portal by clicking here.

Yes, rewards for data transfer will be activated at a later phase. 

In order to provide coverage and receive earnings each hotspot needs to be at least 900 feet apart. Having two or more hotspots in the same house doesn’t provide any additional coverage.

This is why we need hosts (you) to help deployment companies spread out the hotspots.

Earnings vary quite a bit from month to month, and location to location. You can estimate your earnings with our Radio Frequency Simulation portal by clicking here.

There is nearly zero cost. The Hotspot uses a small amount of power, roughly 5W at peak. This is less than a standard LED light bulb. In a city like San Francisco, it will cost you roughly $0.48/month.

Expected bandwidth utilized by devices is 1-5 kb/s (very little).

The short answer is yes. However, as with all devices connected to the internet (smart TV’s, Alexa’s, computers, phones, etc…) there is some level of inherent risk. Please check the security article that Helium released here for more information on the security measures they take to keep your network safe.

No, hotspots need to be 900 feet apart from each other in order to receive maximum earnings and provide new coverage.  Encourage nearby friends and neighbors to apply. The stronger the network, the more you earn.

Some examples of

Helium IoT Hotspot Setups From The Community

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