Digital Matter Oyster 3 – Asset Tracker


Elevate asset tracking with the Digital Matter Oyster 3: rugged, waterproof, and battery-efficient. Unparalleled battery life and customizable check-in intervals ensure seamless monitoring. Advanced LoRaWAN connectivity offers extended battery longevity. Partnered with Trackpac for Helium Network integration. Your ultimate solution for reliable and efficient industrial asset tracking.

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Introducing the Digital Matter Oyster 3: Your Ultimate Industrial Asset Tracker.

Thriving in harsh conditions, the Oyster 3 offers robust, reliable asset tracking. Unmatched durability meets enduring battery life, making it the solution for business-critical assets, free from constant power concerns.

Prolonged Battery Life: With years of uninterrupted power, the Oyster 3 is your steadfast asset tracker. Bid farewell to frequent recharges, as it excels in prolonged deployments.

Rugged & Waterproof: Encased in ultra-rugged, waterproof IP68 housing, the Oyster 3 stands strong against impacts, dust, and brief submersion. Safeguard assets, even in demanding environments.

Customizable Uplinks: Tailor check-in intervals to match your tracking needs. Optimize efficiency and extend battery life, ensuring the Oyster 3 suits your requirements.

Next-Gen LoRaWAN: A leap forward in asset tracking, the Oyster 3 employs LoRaWAN technology. Remarkable battery life—up to 10+ years—on just 3 x AA batteries, surpassing the Oyster LoRaWAN V1 by fourfold.

Versatile Battery Options: Adaptable to varying power sources, the Oyster 3 thrives in extreme temperatures. Utilize off-the-shelf Lithium or Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LTC) batteries for consistent performance.

Smart Power Management: Seamlessly shift between active tracking and energy-saving sleep modes. Activation during movement and conservation when stationary ensure efficiency.

Battery Insights: Regular battery status updates provide power consumption insights. Make informed decisions regarding deployment and maintenance.

Helium Network Integration: Teaming up with Trackpac, a Helium LongFi/LoRaWAN software leader, the Oyster 3 offers holistic tracking. A monthly or yearly Trackpac subscription empowers Helium Network monitoring.

Included in Package:
– 1x Digital Matter Oyster 3 LoRaWAN Tracker
– 1x Trackpac Service Signup Instructions

Service Details:
Upon purchase, receive device keys and comprehensive Trackpac Service Signup Instructions via email. A seamless tracking journey awaits.

Incorporate the Digital Matter Oyster 3 today for unparalleled asset management. Unlock durability, extended battery life, and advanced LoRaWAN connectivity. Embrace the future of industrial asset tracking with the Oyster 3 – your reliable companion in harsh terrains.


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