FreedomFi 5G Helium Gateway


  • Mine Mobile and IoT Tokens – Helium 5G mining allows you to provide 5G coverage and an IoT network at the same time, maximizing your rewards.
  • Plug and Play – Plug in your power and ethernet cable to your Baicells CBRS radio(s) and your FreedomFi 5G gateway to start earning rewards.
  • Genesis Period – Deploying during the genesis period allows you to earn a consistent amount of Mobile tokens regardless of data usage.

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FreedomFi Gateway is the first multi-protocol miner for the Helium network. It will mine IoT for providing LoRa coverage, but is also expandable with a certified Powered by FreedomFi CBRS small cells to earn MOBILE tokens for providing cellular coverage. The FreedomFi gateway supports up to 3 CBRS small cells, by plugging them into ports eNB1, eNB2 & eNB3, and can support additional radios (bandwidth constrained) by using a network switch. Sold and shipped by Helium Deploy. Helium 5G CBRS radio is not included. Only works in the United States.