HotspotRF Settings Guide

HotspotRF Settings Guide

Learn how to use our tool to simulate prospective host locations, find the optimal placement for your Helium Hotspots and calculate your estimated rewards!

Radio Frequency Settings
  • Frequency (MHz) – This is determined by your location. Different countries allow different frequencies for The People’s Network.
    • US/CAN – 915 MHz
    • Europe – 868 MHz
    • Australia – 915 MHz
    • Asia – 923/868 MHz
    • China – 470 MHz
  • Antenna Gain (dBi) – This is determined by the type of antenna you are using. Every hotspot manufacturer ships with different types of antennas. Here are some of the most common:
    • Helium Hotspot – 1.2dBi
    • Rak Hotspot – 2.3dBi
    • Nebra Indoor – 3dBi
    • Nebra Outdoor – 3dBi
    • – 2.3dBi
    • Bobcat Miner 300 – 4dBi
  • Cable Loss (dB) – If you are using a length of cable to connect the miner to the antenna some of the signal strength will be lost. You can calculate your loss with this calculator. We recommend you use high-quality cable from USA Coax such as LMR-240 or LMR-400. The cable loss from cables <5-10ft is usually insignificant. 
    • If you’re not sure what to put you are safe to put 0.
    • If your antenna will be indoors we suggest adding 5dB of loss if its behind glass.
    • 10dB of loss if the signal needs to go through walls/roofs.
  • Height (feet) – This is determined by where you place your hotspot’s antenna. The height is from the ground, not from sea level. Here are a few examples:
    • 1st story window – 5ft
    • 2nd story window – 15ft
    • Roof/chimney (2 story house) – 25-30ft
    • 10th-floor highrise – 120ft (figure 12ft/floor)
  • Terrain – This setting lets you control the interference you expect the RF signal to encounter in the given area. This setting is extremely important for correct output.
    • Line of sight – Best used when your antenna has a clear line of sight over the surrounding area. Examples:
      • The location is on a hillside overlooking the surrounding suburbs.
      • You are able to get your antenna high up and above the roofline and trees.
    • Wooded area/farmland – Best used for fairly open areas with trees and occasional spaced-out houses. Examples:
      • Farms.
      • Mountain cabins.
    • Suburbs – Best used for your average suburbs consisting of 1 & 2 story houses and the occasional taller commercial building. Examples:
      • Townhomes
      • 1 & 2 story houses
    • Urban – Best used in large cities with 5-10+ story buildings. Examples:
      • Large cities
Map Options
  • Style – This lets you choose the style of the map so you can better understand the area and how your Helium Hotspot will perform. Options include light, streets, satellite, dark, and outdoor.
  • Hexagonal Resolution – The Peoples Network relies on Uber’s H3 Hexagonal system for spatial mapping. In some unique cases, it can be helpful to overlay this information.
Latitude & Longitude

This section lets you manually set your latitude & longitude or find the latitude/longitude of an address when you look one up via the search bar in the top right. Pro Tip: The search bar also lets you search by hotspot name!

Download KMZ

The download KMZ button found under the “Simulate Location” button will download the KMZ file for your most recent RF simulation. This file can be opened in Google Earth Pro so you can view in-depth RF coverage in a 3d environment.



    Do the estimated rewards take into account the upcoming halving?

  2. jbzbear

    Thank you for this tool! I was considering ordering the Bobcat Miner 300. However, the simulation shows I’d be splitting the rewards 50/50 with another person who apparently makes a little under a quarter in a 7-day period. There is another hotspot in the purple zone earning $1 weekly. If I am interpreting this correctly, I really should reconsider my crypto mining options but wondering if getting two Bobcats might make a significant difference? I am new to mining and trying to wrap my head around this.

    • illuminatus

      Based off what you’ve shared, two miners can improve earnings as long as they’re 300m apart and have significant witnesses.

  3. Jjohnston

    I summited mine and it told me to subscribe to see the earnings. I have the free credits.


    How to run symulation? Do I have to subscribe first?

  5. heliumhound

    I am trying to understand the colors.


    Please can someone help me?

    • illuminatus

      Basically the further down you go the less likely you’ll be able to reach. Red is good, green is medium and purple is bad. You have a 50/50 chance of reaching hotspots in or around the purple.

  6. Jdflyer51

    I am trying to rerun or just look at the simulations in my history. It seems to just bring up the kmz file which allows me to look at it on google earth, but I do not know how to look at it on hotspotrf again.

  7. dathaeus

    If we had our own 5 sq mile land, and can play say, 4-5 units, how do we know what is the ideal spread… is it literally better to put them all exactly 300 meters apart equidistantly in a pentagon shape, or one in the middle and then 4 in a square, or on in the middle and in a triangle for the other 4, etc….. or it is better to put them in a straight line for max land area coverage at like 500 meters apart? You see what I am asking….. To keep it simple, let’s assume the nearest random device is over 10 miles away so I am basically creating my own network, out of reach of others. Trying to figure out some system, thanks!


    Is it possible to run a simulation from an existing hotspot instead of dropping a pin where I want to put one (i.e. can I run the simulation from my hotspot that is already on the map instead of putting the point right next to it and running the simulation)? I am wondering if this is potentially affecting my estimated rewards since I have two within 5m of each other.

  9. freshpow21

    Hi there.

    First, kudos to the developers. This is my favorite sim site so far. Keep up the great work!

    Question, I noticed when viewing my previous simulations via ‘History’ option, that I can view my simulated coverage area, antenna (gain, height, line of sight), but the rewards estimator is not viewable. Is that info considered premium or ‘per credit’ information? I mean, the estimated rewards info is a crucial portion of the simulation.

    If estimated rewards info is not considered premium “per credit” content, would you consider making that info available when browsing through previous simulations?

    Thanks in advance.

    • illuminatus

      Thank you for the kind words. You should defiantly be able to see rewards as a subscriber. If you are a subscriber and cannot see the rewards in history – shoot us a e-mail at

  10. Marcio

    Google Translate:
    Hi Aidan, how to interpret the color scale?

    • illuminatus

      Basically the further down you go the less likely you’ll be able to reach. Red is good, green is medium and purple is bad. You have a 50/50 chance of reaching hotspots in or around the purple.

  11. CryptoKnight777

    what does that “Rewards Above/Below Average” represent? For example if I’m seeing 75% score, what does that mean?

    • illuminatus

      “Rewards Above/Below Average” is all the online hotspots rewards averaged. Which means your hotspot’s rewards are essentially 75% above all other hotspots.

  12. justinpham92

    what are the color means, green on the map means less and purle and darker colors mean better rewards?

    • illuminatus

      Typically red is good, green is medium and purple is bad. It just means basically if your hotspot will reach the other hotspot. For example, if your hotspot reaches another hotspot under “purple” it’s a 50/50 chance it’ll actually reach it.

  13. Stefankah

    Is there any option to simulate the situation setting up 2 hotspots or even more?

  14. diljeet

    I get Reward scale 1, Distance point 20m – is that any good?

    • Aidan

      Reward scale doesn’t have much to do with your actual earnings. Please use estimated rewards to figure out how well your hotspot will perform!

  15. danesmith12

    Is there a way to just change the settings of a hotspot currently to show if adjusting height and dbi would effect the rewards? It seems as if the current application works for new spots but acts as if theres another hotspot going in the same location.

    Could you please correct me if I am wrong?

    • Aidan

      That is correct and it is by design! Our tool is primarily used to scout out new locations. However, I understand that it can be fun to test out a hotspot you already have set up which can affect your reward scale. In the future, we may add this as a feature but at the moment it is not very high on our to-do list since your reward scale actually has very little to do with your actual earnings.

  16. Rayober72

    I ran the simulation and it says my reward scale is 1 but no Daily, Weekly or Monthly Rewards estimates generated? Is there a fix for this?

  17. s10594661

    Am I able to drop two separate potential locations in an area with little exposure at the currently and see what the potential earnings would be with both online?


    In my location, there is 1 existing hotspot about .85km distant. I will be installing 1 hotspot at my location and installing a second hotspot in a location about .85km from both me and the existing hotspot.

    How can I simulate both new hotspots together?

  19. Sagema

    Hello! After the simulation, wherever i put my hotspot on the map, ranging from 400m to 15km, it always shows a reward scale of 1.0. Is this a bug? i tried putting it far far away so i can see the change in the reward scale but it is always one. im simulating in Greece,Crete, Rethymno

    • Aidan

      When there are no other hotspots nearby your reward scale should be 1! Check out estimated rewards if you want to see how much you will earn!

  20. bb88

    I would like to simulate 5 hotspots simultaneously in an area with no current hotspots and understand how they interact with each other. Is this functionality being added and if so is there a projected date for it’s release?

  21. Cjswolesauce

    I can not get the simulate button to work

    • Aidan

      Please email us and we will be happy to help! The simulate button is located under the radio frequency tab. If you’re not able to see it please try zooming out your browser.

    • Modern Miner

      This is a wonderful tool and pretty user friendly, thanks for sharing! Is it possible to upload many locations + other criteria (antenna, height, cable loss, etc…) at a time and plot out how potential miners will interact with other potential miners + existing miners? I understand the earnings estimate tool is coming out, but I was more wondering about simulating 20+ miners before they arrive and how they may interact with each other.

  22. reactorvisual

    I have an important question, do you have any idea if, 2 hotspots antennas meet in the middle? (to witness for example) or each antenna has to reach the device itself? any idea?

    • Aidan

      They would need to be able to reach each other. If only their “coverage” intersects they will likely not be able to reach eachother.

  23. chipdog

    Why I’m I not seeing simulation location or kmz button on my left menu in portal?

    I have enough credit, I’m using brave on a windows desk top.

    • Aidan

      Hey, we are aware of an issue with smaller monitors where those buttons get cut off. If you’re having issues please try zooming out in your browser or trying a screen with a higher resolution. We will be pushing a fix for this in the near future.

  24. Geodesix

    If you are showing a reward scale of 1, would there be any point in upgrading the antenna or would that just be a waste?

  25. AhmedRefaie

    Does Hotspot RF calculate earnings

  26. HiddenMarkovMotherF

    Hi together, when increasing the dbi number in the simulation it just increases the radius of the “signal circle”. I am not an expert on antennas but as far as I understood that higher dbi would mean a thinner beam. Did I understand something wrong or is the application written such that it just shows how far in every direction it would spread? Thanks!

    • Aidan

      You are correct it concentrates the signal output into a thinner beam which allows it to go further and create a larger circle in every direction horizontally. However, it will have less signal vertically if that makes sense!

  27. benmg8

    When will the feature to see my projected rewards come out?

  28. Krzysztof62

    There are no hotspots in my area. The nearest one is approx. 130 km away. Will my hotspot generate profit?

    • Aidan

      No, it will generate very little until there are more “within range”. However, there will be 300k hotspots online within the next year so it is very likely that by the time you receive your hotspot there will be more within range.

  29. KokoKut

    Hi! I ran a simulation and the results show that a hotspot 388m from me would have its rewards halved (along with mine), but I thought the deadzone was a 300m radius? Their hotspot is outwidth my location’s hexagon, why is it showing as it is? I also wonder, will correctly positioning my miner/antenna influence the direction of my greenzone?

    Many thanks in advance for your help!

    • Aidan

      The 300m radius only means that you cannot “witness” each other and earn from each other. You can still affect the hotspots further than 300m reward scales.

      Yes depending on how you position your antenna will definitely have an effect on how far your coverage will go. E.G. If you place the antenna on the roof and adjust the height higher in our tool it will simulate how much further it can go theoretically.

  30. BugJuice

    From what I understand a 10dbi antenna may overshoot close hotspots and may not witness. How can this be seen in the simulation? I ran the simulation with my existing 5.8dbi antenna and then changed to 10dbi. It definitely had a further reach and the only thing I noticed different closer to my hotspot was light blue shading rather than dark. Is light blue a better or worse signal?

    • Aidan

      Hello, yes it is possible to “overshoot” nearby hotspots with a high gain antenna. However, this is out of the scope of this tool. We will be adding a DBM scale to view the relative signal strengths in the next few days!

  31. HOmollo

    Hi Aiden, how come I cannot find the map setting guide when logged in. I have 10 credits, do I have to purchase in order to view my location radio frequency?

    • Aidan

      Anyone can view this setting guide whether they are logged in or not. You can simulate RF coverage with the free sign-up credits in the portal! Were you able to get it sorted out?

  32. ogodei-ar

    Hi, I tried a location in Argentina, and it shows me a black dot, does that mean it doesn’t have any reward? Thanks!

  33. Allanbell3d

    Hello! I was just trying your app but I have found the settings that were used when running the simulation are lost when recalling the history, meaning that when I pull up saved simulations the settings that show up are the last ones used, not the ones used when that simulation was run. Im assuming this must be a bug as I would expect to be able to see the settings used when the simulation was run. Thanks!

  34. Hlook55

    when you install your antennas do you ground them? I couldn’t tell from the pictures. Thanks.

  35. Josh.Ty05

    When it shows you the rewards on a daily/ weekly basis, is that figure in helium tokens?

  36. AlexisStu

    On my PC the website isn’t allowing me to scroll down the radio frequency settings so I can click “simulate”. I’ve tried numerous times and in different browsers. Is this a website glitch or a problem on my end

  37. aweis4

    Hey, just wondeirng you could provde some assistance with understanding the output. Does the model assume that you will be able to reach hotspots in the purple areas?

    • Aidan

      All coloration means that the RF data should be able to reach that far! So yes if the hotspot is set up well you should be able to reach it in the purple!

  38. dreasT

    i dont have a simulation button…why?

    • selfo

      Be sure you’re clicking the “Radio Frequency Settings” so it drops down for you to see the button. You may need to zoom out the page depending on your screen size.

  39. jaeden.haas

    Hello! Has the issue with Australia’s geography/topography been fixed yet? Cheers 🙂

  40. DeliteNetwork


    Unfortunately we cannot reply to the comment you made on our message on April 13th. Perhaps this is a bug?

    In addition to our previous question we would like to know what the difference is between your signal measurement and the one of “Scadacore RF Line-of-Sight”?

    • Aidan


      Our tool models all of the RF data you should receive in a circle around you. I’m not familiar with this tool but it looks like it only does 1 line of coverage. We also include lots of other data such as current online hotspots, reward scale, and soon estimated rewards!

  41. OrbitTL

    Hey there!

    I had this issue too: “This software does not appear to be working properly for Australia.. no matter what terrain is selected it still shows the same round radiation pattern as if it would over the ocean and does not take into account the mountains / buildings around me …. have used credits trying.”

    Also – I can’t seem to find the: “KMZ button found under the “Simulate Location”?

    All in all – super excited to keep trying the cool software.


    I am using a laptop but dont have the Simulate option…any solution?

    • selfo

      Be sure you’re clicking the “Radio Frequency Settings” so that’ll drop down. You may have to also zoom out on your browser; depending on your screen size.

  43. aweis4

    In Australia at the Gold Coast region I used two simulations however it still gives just a circular smulation as if it were over the water? Is this an issues? Thanks!

    • Aidan

      Hello, yes this is currently an issue. It looks like we are missing some of the files for Australia to account for geography. We will be looking into this and fixing it over the next few days! If anyone else is having this issue in another country please use the contact form on our website and we will investigate!

  44. Conisy

    Can you recommend a good AUX antennae for the RAK v2 and the NEBRA HNT indoor miner? I’m in a semi rural area with very few miners in range.

    Thank you!

  45. PanuK

    Where is the simulation button?

  46. burressproperty

    what does the purple coverage represent?

  47. DeliteNetwork

    Hi there,

    First of all our compliments for the great software you have developed. We are interested to know when feature releases (i.e. import of multiple locations for hotspots, location rating score, count of hotspots that you can reach) will be available?

    Looking forward to your answer. 🙂

    • selfo

      We were hoping for this week, but we’re caught up on another feature that ties into that. But regardless, to answer your question we’re looking by the end of the month – if not sooner.

  48. rukimon

    You list the Nebra antenna gain as: Nebra Indoor – 2dBi
    But the Nebra site has the indoor antenna as: 3dBi Plastic Antenna.

    Which is correct?

    • Aidan

      As a general rule always trust the manufacturer’s website! When I created this guide is was 2dBi it looks like they have upgraded them to ship with 3dBi thanks for pointing it out!

  49. HNT

    When I go to History and select a past simulation, the “Radio Frequency Data” is not updated to match what the past simulation was completed with. Is this normal? Is there no way to see what the past simulation settings were?

    • selfo

      That at this time is normal. We’ll be including the settings used to simulate a location in the history in the coming weeks.

  50. HNT

    Can you explain how to read the “Rewards Scale”?

    • Aidan

      “Reward Scale” is a metric the Helium Blockchains uses to punish having too many hotspots in the same area. 1.0 is the best, 0.01 is the worst. However, your hotspot can still earn well even with a low score if it is able to reach hotspots with higher reward scales!

  51. Blueskymine

    This software does not appear to be working properly for Australia.. no matter what terrain is selected it still shows the same round radiation pattern as if it would over the ocean and does not take into account the mountains around me,., This wasted 3 credits trying

    • Aidan

      Thanks for pointing this out. I reset your credits back to 10! We will work on fixing this bug in the next few days!

      • fabiansko

        It’s the same for me in western germany where there is always the same pattern no matter where I try it :/

        • Aidan

          If you are receiving a perfect circle of RF coverage at a certain location please email us with the location and we will add the correct terrain files to fix this issue!

  52. Garalor

    can you please add option to change from feet to meter on hights?

    • Aidan

      Hello! Yes, that will be released in the next week or two! If only the US would just switch to the metric system and make everyone’s life easier 🙂

  53. Conisy

    seems like an oversight on my part, but how do you add multiple hotspots to one simulation?


    Hello HOTSPOTRF team ! Can you tell me if in EU, the Height is from the ground or we should consider the height from the sea ? Best regards.

    • Aidan

      Hey, thanks for reaching out. Height is from the ground in all areas! Our system already takes into account the surrounding geography.


    Need to add the Bobcat to this list which has an antenna with 4dBi

  56. fredgomes9

    i had a simulation but can’t see the projected rewards. Tried the solution in the first comment, but nothing happened.

    • selfo

      Projected Results is something that hasn’t been released, only at this time can you see the “Reward Scale” for simulated hotspots.

  57. Suzeel

    Do not see Simulate tab when fill out portal form. Could it be because using iPad? The form goes down to Terrain.

  58. peoplepowerednetwork

    I run the simulation but get no coverage area. It worked on my first simulation but not on my second.

  59. Ryan L Zielke

    When viewing history I click map once and it disappears. Have to reload history. Why i’m trying to click is to locate the estimated earnings tab which doesn’t seem to be a feature saved into the history.

    • selfo

      At this time we have the “Reward Scale” available, which is located in the History to the far right. You might be seeing a “7 day” or even “24 hour” reward, but those are for active and live hotspots. At this time we currently don’t have such a function/feature for simulated hotspots that shows “7 day” or “24 hour” reward, only a “Reward Scale”. Hopefully that answers your question, if not, feel free to reach out to us by e-mail @!


    What do the colors mean? Specifically the blue and purple after running a simulation?

    • selfo

      That’s to show the range of that specific location. Blue is going to be stronger signal than purple. You’ll also want to be outside the grid too.

  61. Michal

    Hello, i have problem with import KMZ to Google Earth. Writte: “XML or text declaration not at start of entity”


    how to get into developer mode to see projected reward results ?

    • selfo

      In the current release, just select the center of the grid and a pop-up will appear with the Reward Scale for the simulated hotspot.

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