Various different packages to fit all price points. Start by registering an account to claim your free credits and subscribe when you need more or want access to all the features we have to offer!

Credits expire after 120 days.

All Access

As an active subscriber, you not only support the project, but you get access to all features including estimated rewards, radio frequency data, API access, reward scale prediction and of course premium support.

Estimated Rewards

Simulate a hotspot placement and receive a reward estimate! Easily compare placements and choose the highest-earning locations!

Radio Frequency Data

Input location, frequency, antenna gain, height, indoors or outdoors and cable loss to model the RF coverage your hotspot will have.

API Access

As a subscriber, you receive full access to our RF simulation/reward estimation API.

Reward Scale Prediction

View the predicted reward scale your hotspot will receive to further understand earning potential of the location.

Premium Support

Support for subscribers is prioritized. Expect a reply in under 24 hours.

Subscription Plans

Free Trial


(excludes estimated rewards)



per month*

Hobby Plus


per month*

Hobby Premium


per month*

Hobby Platinum


per month*

Small Deployer


per month*

Medium Deployer


per month*

Large Deployer


per month*

X-Large Deployer


* excluding taxes

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide 10 free simulations for our customers to try out our product and to help contribute to the Helium community. The free version of our tool allows you to very quickly visualize the location, terrain, RF coverage data, and nearby hotspots. Paid subscribers learn more with estimated rewards and HotspotRF score.

All packages are sold as monthly subscriptions. For example, with our $10 hobbyist package you will be billed $10 monthly and receive 10 credits at the start of each billing cycle.

There are no subscription terms you may cancel at any time and your credits will be valid until your subscription expires (30 days after your last payment).

Credits roll over for 120 days. However, if you cancel your subscription when it expires (30 days after the last successful payment) you will no longer have premium access to features such as estimated rewards and HotspotRF Score.

Currently we accept all Visa and Master Cards (Credit and Debit).

Question not answered here? Feel free to contact us.