Helium Mobile/5G Calculator

Calculate Helium MOBILE/5G Mining Rewards

Calculate how many $MOBILE tokens a Helium 5G miner will make with the click of a button! This Helium 5g calculator runs quick and accurate estimations for the $MOBILE genesis period.

*Keep in mind that as more 5G Hotspots are added to the network your rewards will decrease. Bookmark this calculator to re-calculate in the future.

*The breakdown of outdoor and high-power outdoor radios is not currently public information. This calculator assumes all outdoor miners are standard outdoor radios. When this information is made public we will update the tool.

This helium 5g calculator estimates how many $MOBILE tokens you should earn on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis based on current network stats.

HotspotRF will also be adding 5G RF simulations to our portal which will help you choose the best locations to maximize your earnings once Proof-of-Coverage and Data Transfer rewards are released!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our calculator looks at how many indoor and outdoor radios are currently on the network and applies Helium’s Small Cell Radio Reward Scaling weight to determine your piece of the $MOBILE pie.

We know that during the genesis period the Blockchain will issue 100M $MOBILE tokens per day.

We then feed these facts into our algorithm and are able to accurately predict your $MOBILE earnings.

If you would like to learn more about how Helium 5G Mobile tokens will be distributed, please review the official documentation here.

MOBILE Genesis is the bootstrapping phase of the Helium 5G network. 5G Hotspot bundle owners will need to stay connected to provide coverage to earn MOBILE reward starting early summer.

Currently $MOBILE tokens can not be exchanged for $HNT or sold on any exchanges.

In the future you will be able to exchange $MOBILE for $HNT. Helium is aiming for end of summer to complete the necessary Blockchain upgrades to allow this to be possible.

We will not know exactly what that the exchange rate will be until it is launched. It depends on the ratio of MOBILE out there to the amount of HNT that the MOBILE subDAO is awarded (which itself depends on how much data is transferred and the number of devices and HNT voted to the subDAO).

Please read the Mobile Sub DAO HIP for more info.

Yes, rewards for data transfer will be activated at a later phase. 

After the MOBILE Genesis phase, 5G Hotspot bundle owners will start receiving rewards based on the 5G PoC process. This phase will approximately be activated late summer. HotspotRF will be adding 5G RF simulation’s to help you choose the best/highest earning locations for 5G PoC.

In order to mine MOBILE, your FreedomFi Hotspot should be activated and upgraded to the latest firmware. Make sure your hotspot is properly attached to an indoor/outdoor cell. More detailed instructions can be found here.

The Helium 5G network is currently only available in the U.S. Please stay tuned for updates regarding the expansion of the network.

You can start using the Helium 5G network now using FreedomFi’s sim card. More network operators will join Helium network soon. Stay tuned!

Read Mobile subDAO proposal.

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