Helium Outdoor Enclosure Amphenol Broadband IPE994


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  • Weatherproof rated for 24 hours of rain at 10 PSI
  • Tested for UV and humidity resistance
  • Patented True Flex™ Quick Mount feature and Cable Retention slots
  • Self-latching, hinged cover design snaps closed: with padlock and F-terminator security
  • Cable Retention slots allow work to be completed outside of the box

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Brand: HotspotRF

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HotspotRF has deployed hundreds of Helium gateways with Helium outdoor enclosures throughout the globe. The Helium outdoor enclosure by Amphenol Broadband Solutions has been our best-performing enclosure providing both protection and an easy install. Unlike other name brand enclosures Amphenol Broadband IPE Outdoor Enclosures have been tested for UV resistance, temperature and humidity test, weatherproof protection, salt fog, drop test, and an impact test.

This Helium outdoor enclosure by Amphenol Broadband helps place your Helium miner outdoors at the highest possible elevation. Enabling you to provide maximum Helium network coverage and therefore $IoT rewards. Adding HotspotRF Tuned Antennas and HotspotRF-400 Low Loss Cables helps you provide the most RF coverage and therefore $IoT from your Helium miner and geographic location. HotspotRF Lightning Arresters are highly recommended to protect your Helium mining equipment.

HotspotRF has helped over 800k people simulate their RF coverage and earn more $IoT. Claim your 10 free credits here to simulate your Helium Network coverage and potential $IoT earnings with the HotspotRF portal.


Helium Outdoor Enclosure Details

  • Exterior Dimensions –  9.4×6.9×3.4” (239.6×176.2×85.1mm)
  • Interior Dimensions – 8.4×5.9×3.1” (213.6×150.7×79.5mm)
  • Maximum Cubic Footprint – 10.2×8.0x4.0” (258.6×202.4×100.4mm)
  • Mounting Boss Torque – 20 in/lbs.
  • Impact Test – 5ft/lbs. on all surfaces (at -40F)
  • Drop Test – 5ft onto concrete 4 times (at -40F)
  • High-Temperature Storage/Mold Test – 14 days at +167F
  • Temperature Cycling with Humidity – 150 days cycling from -40F to 140F with 95% humidity
  • UV Resistance – 60 per ASTM0G26-84 (Days exposed)
  • Salt Fog – 60 per ASTM0BLL7-90 (Days exposed)
  • Rain – 24 hours at 10 PSI
  • Flammability – UL94-5V


All Helium outdoor enclosures from HotspotRF have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


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