Helium and T-Mobile Partnership

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Helium and T-Mobile have just announced that they have entered a five-year deal in which the companies will work together to provide people with a brand new type of cell service. This new service will operate based on a hybrid mobile of community-hosted Helium 5G units, and T-Mobile’s existing network will step in to fill the gaps. The new carrier will be called Hello Helium and the waiting list is already open! Sign up today to receive alerts and be one of the first users of the network!

Helium has made an official statement that plans for Hello Helium will start at just $5 a month and users will be able to sell their data anonymously for $MOBILE tokens. This is the first time a deal like this has happened between a major cellular provider and a crypto-currency network.

T-Mobile has stated that they are extremely excited to have Helium on their network and use the community-hosted Helium 5G hotspots to support this new venture.

“Nova Labs (Helium) is committed to building out a decentralized network. Our new agreement with T-Mobile gives our subscribers nationwide 5G coverage and enables us to offer mobile products and services that use both networks,” noted Nova Labs CEO Amir Haleem.

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When Helium mobile officially launches in 2023 it will offer at least three different monthly plans including unlimited talk, text, and data.

Helium has also announced that subscribers can earn $MOBILE tokens with their existing hardware, or they can purchase a new cellphone that will earn them even more tokens.

With the recent announcement that Helium will transition to Solana, Helium is winding down its need for blockchain maintenance and gearing up to venture into the world of cellular data and communications.

Helium’s general manager stated that they are not planning on competing with cellular providers, rather, the goal is to complement T-Mobile by working together in filling in the gaps and providing value to subscribers.

According to the Helium Mobile announcement, they will offer “ultra-low costs” for cellular plans, provide nationwide coverage in the United States with the help of Helium 5G community-hosted hotspots and T-Mobiles’ existing infrastructure, provide blockchain-backed privacy and security measures, as well as rewards for subscribers.

For more information on HIP 70 and the future of Helium, check out this blog post.


This is massive news. As users start using the new crypto carrier Hello Helium it will drive mass usage and data transfer on the Mobile network, increase rewards for Mobile hosts, validate the entire Mobile concept, and open the door for future data offloading deals with other MNO’s (Mobile Network Operators E.G. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon).

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