Subscribers Now Have Helium ETL Access

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We’re excited to announce that HotspotRF subscribers of the $45 package and above now have access to our privately managed ETL. Instead of having to pay for costly resources to run your own ETL, having to manage said servers and the like, you can now just use HotspotRF’s very own managed ETL. It makes it easy for you to get up and running with very little know how.

Visit our documentation for implementation:

What is an ETL?

An ETL is short for extract, transfer and load. Many cryptocurrencies including Helium and Ethereum alike use an ETL. It’s purpose is simply to extract, transfer and load the blockchain into convenient formats like CSVs and relational databases for quick accessibility.

How is it used?

In Helium’s case you can use an ETL to quickly see the number of hotspots online, including their names, wallet address, owners and more. It’s a great resource to access the Helium blockchain’s trove of information with ease.

Usage & Expectations

Please understand this API is meant for the “hobbyist”. If you’re a business or power-user looking for a more managed solution, you can always contact us directly @ [email protected].

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